Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019 Wishes Quotes, Greeting Messages In English, Hindi & Whatsapp Facebook Status

By | January 8, 2019

Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019: Share happy basant panchami wallpapers, photo along with happy basant panchami quotes 2019 wishes to your friends, family members and colleges. Basant panchami is a festival that worships Goddess Saraswati. Vasant Panchami, also spelled Basant Panchami, is a Hindu spring festival. This festival is observed on the 5th day according to the Indian traditional calendar month of Magha, Basant Panchami 2019 greeting which typically falls in the Gregorian months of January or February. Grab our happy basant panchami messages 2019 greetings and put as whatsapp status for today. Share our happy basanti panchami 2019 quotes and SMS messages which are in English and Hindi on your facebook to your friends.

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What Is Basant/ Vasant Panchami Festival

Vasant Panchami name meaning according to Sanskrit is Vasant means “spring” and Panchami means “the fifth day.” Vasant Panchami falls on the fifth day of spring. Every Year Basant Panchami festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the bright half of the Hindu luni-solar calendar month of Magha, which typically falls in late January or February. It is mostly believed as the start of spring, though it is generally winter-like in northern India, and more spring-like in central and western parts of India. The basant / vasant festival is particularly observed in the north, central and majorly western parts by Hindus of India and in Nepal. It has been a historical tradition of Sikhs as well.

Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019 Wishes Quotes, Greeting Messages In English, Hindi & Whatsapp Facebook Status

Importance Or Significance Of Basant Panchami Festival

Let’s now know about some significance of basant panchami festival: According to Hindus, Vasant Panchami is the festival which is dedicated to goddess Saraswati who is their ancient goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts. She is the wife of Brahma, and she symbolizes creative energy and power in all its form, including longing and love (kama). This vasant season and festival also reflects the agricultural fields which are ripening with yellow flowers of mustard crop, which Hindus associate with Saraswati’s favorite color. People ware beautiful dress in yellow saris or shirts or accessories, share yellow colored snacks and sweets. Some add saffron to their rice then eat yellow cooked rice as a part of an elaborate feast

How To Celebrate Basant Panchami Festival

The festival is celebrated in various ways depending on the region. Many revere goddess Saraswati, the Hindu deity of learning, arts and music. People celebrated with visits to goddess saraswati temples, by playing music, as well as the day when parents sit down with their children, initiate them into writing letters of alphabet or study together.

Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019

People Who are searching for happy basant panchami wallpapers 2019 can find here basant panchami 2019 images. Below we are providing top six happy basant panchami pictures 2019 hope you like them. People who are searching for happy vasant panchami images 2019 can also download these pics because vasant panchame is also spelled as basant panchami. Basant panchami pics with messages and quote

Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019

Happy Basant Panchami Images 2019

Happy vasant Panchami Images 2019

Happy vasant Panchami Images 2019

basant panchami wallpapers 2019

basant panchami wallpapers 2019

Happy Basant panchami whatsapp status image 2019

Happy Basant panchami whatsapp status image 2019

Happy Vasant Panchami 2019 wishes

Happy Vasant Panchami 2019 wishes

Happy Basant Panchami 2019 Wishes Quotes

People who are searching for Basant Panchami Wishes Greetings 2019 here below you can find out ultimate happy basant panchami images 2019. Vasant panchami alias basant panchami is alias have another name called Shree Panchami. Get our happy basant panchami quotes 2019 and send them to your friends so, they can perform better in their exam’s. Check out happy basant panchami wishes 2019 below…

Happy Vasant Panchami 2019 wishes messages

Peele peele sarson ke phool,
peeli ude patang,
rang barse peela aur chhaye sarson si umang.
Aapke jeevan mein rahe sadaa Basant ke rang.
Happy Basant Panchami!

happy basant panchami 2019 quotes

Saahas Sheel Hriday Mein Bhar De
Jeevan Tyaag Tapomar Kar De,
Sanyam Satya Sneh Ka Var De
Maa Sarswati Aapke Jivan Mein Ullas Bhar De
Happy Basant Panchami!

Happy Shree Panchami Wishes 2019 Quotes

Spring is in the air,
Fresh blossoms everywhere,
Sending you my warm greetings on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami!

Happy Basant Panchami Messages 2019 Greetings

Goddess Saraswati, sitting on a lotus, symbolizes her wisdom. Share happy vasant panchami messages 2019, She is also well-versed in the experience of truth. When the goddess is seen sitting on a peacock, send happy basant panchami greetings 2019 to your freinds it is a reminder that a strong ego can be held back by wisdom.

Basant Panchami SMS 2019 Messages

When you find a DREAM
inside your HEART…
don’t ever let it go…
Coz dreams are the tiny seeds
from which beautiful
Tomorrow grows.
Happy Basant Panchami!!

Vasant Panchami Messages 2019

On this day Goddess Saraswati
is worshiped in various names
and fames -Badal, arts and science,
and deep ,Supreme knowledge.
HAPPY Basant Panchami.

Happy Basant Panchami Facebook & Whatsapp Status Messages

May goddess Saraswati fill your life
With health, wealth and freedom.
May this Saraswati Poojan bring
Everything festive just for you.

वसंत पंचमी 2019 Greeting

May the occasion of Basant Panchami,
Bring the wealth of knowledge to You,
May You be blessed by Goddess Saraswati
& All Your Wishes Come True

Happy Basant Panchami 2019 Messages In Hindi

सरस्वती पूजा का ये प्यारा त्यौहार,
जीवन में लायेगा ख़ुशी अपार,
सरस्वती विराजे आपके दवार,
शुभ कामना हमारी करे स्वीकार,
वसंत पंचमी की हार्दिक पंचमी!!

Halke halke se ho BADAL,
khula khula sa akash,
happy Basant Panchami,
appho mere pass

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